Hyaluronic Acid is a very useful cosmetic, medical and nutraceutical ingredient. Chemically, Hyaluronic acid is a linear polysaccharide chain, composed of glucosamine and glucuronic acid. It occurs naturally in the body. It acts as a lubricator for joints and ensures their smooth functioning and movement. It is found in between joints, in eyelids and in the tissues of the skin. The general formula of the acid is C14H21NO11.

Due to its numerous benefits, such as its ability to retain moisture and hydrate the skin, hyaluronic acid is used intravenously and otherwise. In skin care products, Hyaluronic acid is used as a serum, pills, injections, body lotions and creams.


Hyaluronic acid is also known by the names of hyaluronan or hyaluronate, and like other acids it does not exfoliate the dead skin cells. Salicylic and glycolic acids are popular in the market for exfoliation. As mentioned it is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, its main function is to cushion the skin making it appear younger and glossier. It also acts as a lubricator and is found in eyelids and joints as synovial fluid. The jelly-like, viscous substance in the tissues of your skin make it soft, plump and supple. This softness is removed by hyaluronic acid. But as you grow old, your body’s ability to form the hyaluronic acid gets reduced gradually. As a result, your skin turns dull and dry. Wrinkles and fine lines appear on your face. Hence, many cosmetics use a synthesized hyaluronic acid to enhance the texture of the skin and make it soft as before. This article lists the effects of hyaluronic acid before and after its usage. One general thing that can be noted after using any hyaluronic acid product is that your skin will appear wrinkle free, you will have a fairer complexion than before. If applied under the eyes, it provides quick relief to puffiness. The serum and body lotion is quite effective in lightening the dark circles. The products help in increasing the elasticity of the cell, thereby improving the overall quality of your skin.


According to a scientific study, the aging process in women begins by the time they turn 25. However, it is usually in their late thirties that these aging signs start to become visible. Not only wrinkles appear on their skin, but their skin becomes less and less youthful since it loses the moisture. This is when Hyaluronic acid injections come into the picture. However, before opting for Hyaluronic acid injections as an alternative for your skin treatment, one must keep in mind to consult a dermatologist. Injections are usually preferred if you want a permanent solution. One should always go to a skin specialist or dermatologist if injections as the preferred treatment are chosen. At some places, nurses inject the injection. This is not preferred as complete knowledge of dermal tissues is an absolute must during this method. In many cases, hyaluronic acid injections are also taken to cure joint disorders.

There are often minor side effects in case Hyaluronic acid injections are chosen to treat the skin. The most common side effect of using hyaluronic acid injection is experiencing pain near the area where syringe has been used. At times, inflammation can also be seen on the site. It is also important to take note of the precautions listed down by your doctor or skin care consultant, and they should be followed regularly and carefully before and after the application of Hyaluronic acid injections.


Certain pills available in the market promote the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Hyaluronic acid pills are usually administered to people in the initial stages of synovial fluid depletion. The pills are not recommended as a dermal filler. They have to be taken only under medical condition keeping in mind the patient's medical history, i.e. only if the doctor prescribes the pills after a due consideration of the patient’s medical history.


As stated earlier, as you age, your skin loses the ability to retain the required amount of moisture, and hence it misses out on sufficient hydration, making it look less fresh than ever before. Hyaluronic Acid serum, moisturizer or body lotion is the answer to the lack of moisturization in your skin. It increases the amount of hydration in your skin, thereby giving it a more smooth and plump look. The serum is one of the safest Hyaluronic acid skin care alternative that is out there and hence it can be used without medical supervision. Before applying the serum, you should wash your face thoroughly with water. Often people use vitamin C serum. In that case, the Vitamin C serum should be applied before the Hyaluronic acid serum. If your skin feels dry, you can also make use of moisturizer. The serum can be applied daily or on alternate days depending on your need. All the ingredients can be mixed and also applied to the skin for better results.


Hyaluronic acid body lotion is another skin care alternative that gives your skin a healthy and glowy appearance post application. Before its application, your skin might feel rough and dry. However, once regular applications of Hyaluronic acid body lotion are administered, your skin will regain all its lost softness. The best thing about the Hyaluronic acid body lotion is that it can be applied all over the body whereas serum, pills, and injection are organ specific. The hyaluronic acid lotion can be used just like any body lotion, but the only difference is that it contains Hyaluronic acid – a component that is extremely skin friendly. Before application of the lotion, your body parts should be clean, dry and dust free.

Foods rich in hyaluronic acid can be eaten without any fear of side effects. Vegetables such as potatoes, spinach, avocado are rich sources of magnesium which helps in the production of hyaluronic acid. Some studies have also proved that intake of hyaluronic acid before sleep improves sleep. It activates and assists the natural process of repairing.

Hyaluronic acid is something which our body naturally produces, and its synthesized version is very skin friendly as it made of organic tissues rather than animal tissues. Hyaluronic acid skin care products are safe for all skin types. Injections, serums, body lotions, food – Hyaluronic acid is present in everything. Natural, safe and user-friendly, Hyaluronic acid is the perfect component to combat the aging issues and make your skin blemish free and pleasant once more.