Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring acid which is found in the connective tissue space and the synovial fluid of the movable joints in the human body. It mainly serves the purpose of acting as the lubricating and cushioning agent. It is also found in the eye fluids, but more than half of the Hyaluronic acid is found in the skin, as it is a significant building component of skin tissue. It is one of the most important components that keep our skin firm. Recently, it has emerged as the most preferred ingredient in the various skin care products which are used to reduce the effects of the old age on the skin, such as wrinkles and fine lines. The Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate that is naturally found in the human body, but nowadays it is artificially prepared on a large-scale. It is artificially manufactured to be used in various cosmetic products.


Due to the fast paced life of the modern times, stress has become a part of nearly every individual's daily routine. Also, the ever- increasing pollution in the surroundings not only adversely affects our health, but also our skin. In today’s times, any person’s physical appearance is given as much importance as their intelligence. Due to this very reason, nearly every human being desires a supple younger-looking, wrinkle-free skin. There are many techniques available in the market to meet such desired results. As one grows old, one's body loses its capacity to form hyaluronic acid and as a result of which our skin sags and loses its firmness, softness, and hydration. Hyaluronic acid infused creams are one of the most preferred techniques used for reversing this effect. Hyaluronic acid is widely used in serums and creams because of its varied cosmetic benefits.


Hyaluronic acid is widely used in daily moisturizers, night creams and of lately it is even used in lipsticks. Hyaluronic Acid Cream benefits are numerous. But, the Hyaluronic Acid Cream popularity in the market is mainly owing to its amazing age reversing benefit it offers. Hyaluronic acid cream can be used for the following – to treat dry skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, to lessen the fine lines on the face, to make the loose skin appear supple and plump, etc.

The biggest property of Hyaluronic acid is its unique moisture retaining ability. This special property plays a significant part in skin health, as it promotes the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The Hyaluronic acid is touted as a ‘smart nutrient’ for it has the special capability to regulate the amount of moisture absorption as per the changing humidity levels of the atmosphere. It can hold a lot of water molecules as one gram of Hyaluronic acid can hold as much as 1000 ml of water.

There are a variety of hyaluronic acid creams available in the market. You can choose the one which fulfills your needs. Several big companies have launched Hyaluronic acid containing creams. Usually, these Hyaluronic acid creams contain additional components like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. These components increase the beneficial effects of the Hyaluronic acid creams manifold when applied to the skin.


The application of the Hyaluronic acid cream on the skin increases the amount of water in the top layer of skin. It boosts the skin cell hydration without any blocking of the skin pores. The Hyaluronic acid cream increases the moisture of the skin layer and helps in healing the skin cells and removes the dryness of the skin and creates a protective barrier on the skin surface. Regular use of hyaluronic acid creams promotes youthful skin as it regulates the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin cells. The deficiency of hyaluronic acid in the skin increases as one grows old and this causes the skin to sag and dry.

Regular hyaluronic acid creams normally contain 0.25 to 2.5 percent of hyaluronic acid. Skin experts give advice that one should use creams having a minimum of 1 percent of hyaluronic acid for a visible effect on the skin. Skin experts also nullify the popular claims of many cosmetic brands that the hyaluronic acid creams penetrate to the bottom of the skin. These claims are false as the hyaluronic acid cream cannot penetrate deep into the skin, it only remains on the topmost layer of the skin. The Hyaluronic acid creams need to be applied at regular intervals for the best results.

A special version of the Hyaluronic acid cream has been formulated for the use around the sensitive area of the eyes. The Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream is proved to be helpful to reduce the fine lines around the eyes. It also helps to firm the sensitive skin around the eyes and reduce the appearance of the wrinkles around the eyes. The Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream also helps to lessen the puffiness under the eyes.

Skin experts are of the view that there are very rare chances that there could be any allergy or sensitivity reaction by using Hyaluronic acid creams. These views are supported by the reason that the hyaluronic acid is the significant component of the tissues and the cells of the human body, and it cannot be possible that the human body has an allergic reaction towards such a compound which is naturally present in the body. Hyaluronic creams are safe to be used even by pregnant women as the size of the hyaluronic acid molecules is fairly large enough to be able to be absorbed by the skin cells and hence cannot harm the babies developing in the womb of the pregnant women. However, a patch test of the hyaluronic acid cream is advised as a precaution against any allergic reactions.

But, if under any circumstance, any allergic reaction like redness of the skin, itching or swelling of the skin occurs, one should stop using the hyaluronic acid immediately. Under such circumstances, ones should see a skin specialist immediately.