Usually, doctors treat patients with these injections only when they've been treated with NSAIDs. If these Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs don't ease the pain of the patient then, the doctor opts for HA injections. Also, at times due to some reasons people are unable to take painkillers like Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, and Motrin, then, the injections can become useful. It has been observed that these injections work better for OA than other painkillers. There are a number of injections for OA, but the approved hyaluronic acid injections brands are:

1. Euflexxa
It is derived from all natural sources of hyaluronic acid and is a non-bird derivative. The gel-like fluid is synthesized from complex processes of multistep cleansing and purifying process, which creates the unique medicine. The substance is used as an injection to help build the hyaluronic acid in the knee. The medicine is very beneficial as it acts like a protective cushion around the knee which avoids any sudden spasmodic jolts. Injected Euflexxa in the knee joint can relieve the patient from pain. It also helps in building the hyaluronic acid concentration in that area. Clinical studies show that the treatment provides relief for up to 6 months varying from person to person.

2. Supartz
For a person suffering from OA, it gets very difficult to do even the simplest of things. It is crucial to treat the disease on time with exercise, and proper medication. The most famous brand of hyaluronic acid injection is Supartz. Increasing the mobility of the joints, it helps one to return to their daily activities with ease. The 'non-surgical and non-pharmacologic' based therapy is useful in treating severe knee pain. The basic job of the injection is to supply the HA deprived knee with highly purified Hyaluronan. The solution is derived from chicken combs that have been certified safe for human consumption. The process of inserting this FDA approved HA injection is quite simple. The doctor would use a local anesthetic to numb the knee and remove any excess fluid from the knee. Then, he carefully injects the solution into the knee joint.

3. Monovisc
This brand is also known as 'the one injection OA treatment.' The highly filtered Hyaluronan is biocompatible and re-absorbable. Only one injection of Monovisc can provide high relief to the patients. It is the only injection that requires up to 3 shots and helps the patient for at least six months. The highly concentrated formula is completely non-animal based. Thus, the chances of side-effects are very less. There have been no established pseudosceptic reactions. The patients find this solution highly convenient as it requires a single shot. It is not injected into an artery or in any vein to avoid any increased side effects. At first, the swelling and pain might increase after the injection, but it will slowly fade away. It is very important that one uses these injections only under the supervision of a doctor. Otherwise, the result can be fatal. After the dosage, it advised not to put pressure on the joints. One must avoid carrying heavy weights at all costs.

4. Orthovisc
Orthovisc is a non-drug therapy made especially for efficiently dealing with knee pain in OA. The FDA appreciated injection provides relief to the patient for at least six months. The doctor first recommends the patient NSAIDs, which help in the pain. Eventually, many patients suffer from side effects varying from kidney failure to a bleeding stomach. Hence, a doctor may opt the alternative like the Orthovisc. Patients who are are not willing to undergo surgery or cannot stand the pain can also use this injection. The treatment includes a shot per week in the affected knee joint. The shots are given for almost a month, and the patient can see the full result after a month only.

5. Hyalgan
Like some other brands, the solution is synthesized by fine filtration and complex processes to gain concentrated hyaluronan. Though it is derived from chicken combs like the Supartz, it is not chemically modified to increase its weight. After the first shot, it is usual that the pain or swelling increases but there is nothing to worry about. However, if the swelling or pain increases, and there is redness around the injected area, please notify the doctor. If the condition worsens or persists or there is no positive effect in OA, then notify the doctor. The doctors only opt for this medicine if they believe that it is in your interest. However, if you suffer from any serious side-effects like fever, tingling skin, rashes, headache or pounding heartbeat, then inform the doctor.


The human body starts decomposing as one age. Most of the organs and body parts don't function properly by the time we hit our fifties. What most elders suffer from is joint pain. It seems very unlikely that one could avoid it. The body synthesizes hyaluronic acid which is a natural fluid that helps in the smooth functioning of joints. It acts as a smoothening lubricant. This substance also acts as a shock absorber to avoid bearing the full weight while we walk. People suffering from the joint disease 'osteoarthritis' are most commonly known to use hyaluronic acid based injections brands to ease their pain. In this disease, the person experiences severe joint pain in fingers, neck, lower back, knee, and hips. The condition occurs as a result of breakage of joint cartilage and the underlying bone. The person may suffer from symptoms like a lesser range of motions and swelling in the joints, and numb arms and legs. Any mechanical stress on the joints and lowered inflammatory process may result in this disease.


The setback of these injections is that it is not 100% sure to show results. As the saying goes, 'the results may vary from person to person'. For almost 20% patients who have gone for this treatment, this medication has shown great results by not only reducing their pain but also, in getting their health better. It effectively helps in slowing down the disease. However, with other 20%, no improvement was observed. The doctors say that it is very difficult to differentiate between the people with whom it will work and with whom it won't. Some have even tried out ways to differentiate but came up empty handed.