Hyaluronic acid is as important to your skin as oxygen is to your lungs. A naturally occurring compound in your body, Hyaluronic acid is present in the connective tissues of your body. It is responsible for retaining moisture in your skin, thereby hydrating it and giving it a smooth, plump look. As babies, our skin stores Hyaluronic acid in abundance, but as we age, the amount of Hyaluronic acid in our body decreases. This reduction not only makes our skin dry but also brings about the first visible signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles.

No one enjoys the aging process. And when the signs show on your skin, aging becomes a much-hated word. However, the very molecule that becomes responsible for your aging is the molecule that gives you your cherished beautiful skin back. However, most sources of hyaluronic acid have large molecular weight compounds and hence it is difficult for our skin to absorb it. Pure hyaluronic acid products are the answer to all your age-related problems. These products, made with low molecular weight makes it easier for the skin to absorb hyaluronic acid. These products are made of the synthesized version of natural hyaluronic acid. Pure hyaluronic acid products include body lotion, serums, powders, injections and so on.

Topical pure hyaluronic acid serum as a skin care product carries low molecular weight. Most often, it is technically produced from glucose and yeast extract as their key ingredients. No animal products or parts are used in the making of the serum nor have the serum tested on animals. Pure hyaluronic acid serum penetrates deep into your skin, creates a skin barrier that locks in moisture and prevents it from becoming dry. Due to its low molecular weight, it doesn’t change your skin in any way. Rather, it plumps up your skin. While applying the serum, keep your eyes closed and apply it around your face and neck.

Even products made of pure hyaluronic acid serum have its own side effects. It could happen that even after applying the serum to your face, your skin will feel dry. In such cases, ensure that the application of a moisturizer follows the application of the serum. Pure hyaluronic acid powder binds water within the tissues of the human body, and this very sponge-like quality of the powder makes the skin supple and firm. It also enhances the skin tone and provides a youthful appearance to the skin. The pure hyaluronic acid powder is chemical free and of low molecular, which results in proper penetration of the skin. This benefits the skin even more, by giving a firm, smooth look. The application of pure hyaluronic acid powder also leads to reversal of the damages caused by environmental factors.

Pure hyaluronic acid is produced with the help of fermentation of plants. Pure hyaluronic acid supplements are administered to heal joints, connective tissues as well as skin. Moisture is essential for apt cell-to-cell communication, hydration, elimination of waste and toxin and delivery of nutrients to the cells and tissues. Pure hyaluronic acid supplements retain the moisture in human cells and ensure that all the above functions of moisture are carried out correctly. With the presence of cellulose and water, these supplements are devoid of artificial colors, fragrance, fillers, binders, hidden coating or dairy products such as wheat, gluten, yeast, soy, preservatives or hydrogenated oils. These supplements are usually offered in the form of capsules which are supposed to be consumed in divided doses, preferably 1-2 capsules daily. However, if one is pregnant, a physician’s consultancy is needed before the consumption of the supplements.


Pure hyaluronic acid fillers (injections) are used to makes correction of the changes related to aging. These fillers help to enhance the lower part of the face, especially smile lines. They work on plumping up thin lips and also enhance the volume of the cheeks. They also moderate face wrinkles and folds. The effect of these fillers lasts for at least four months. The procedure and effects of a particular hyaluronic acid filler are different from other hyaluronic acid fillers. Some fillers do not require skin testing before they are administered. And the effects of different fillers last for various periods of time. Some last for four months and some for six months. Consult your physician when planning to administer these fillers. Also, make sure that only a doctor or an expert administers these fillers to you because absolute knowledge of how this filler works is a must.


Pure hyaluronic skin care products work naturally for your skin, but it must be noted that natural foods containing hyaluronic acid are the best for your body, as they benefit not only your skin but also your entire body. Such foods make your skin plump and firm, reduce smile lines, disguise wrinkles, increases production of collagen, boosts blood flow to the skin (thereby increasing the levels of nutrients and moisture), creates extra UV protection and builds a stronger barrier for the skin. Foods containing hyaluronic acid include Beans, Goji Berries, Turkey, Flaxseeds, Prunes, Beetroot, Olives, Dark Chocolate, Red Peppers and much more.


Hyaluronic acid is a must for every skin type, and it is safe for each of them as well. Natural, safe and easily accessible, these pure hyaluronic acid products certainly improve the quality of human life. As first impressions are the last impressions, it is a must to cast an appealing impression. And it is your firm, soft, and glowing skin that will attract people towards you. Pure hyaluronic acid skin care products do not only change the outward appearance of your skin but penetrates even deeper into the cells within to make it healthy and nourishing from the inside. Pure hyaluronic acid foods are even healthier to consume as they are not only natural, but they provide your skin with necessary moisture and nutrients. Hyaluronic acid is indeed an amazing component when it comes to skin care, and its regular consumption or application in any form will help you to make your skin even better, with minimal or no side effects. A useful component that exists inside the human body is now revolutionizing the world outside as well.